Some AI tools to optimize business productivity

Working in a company can be very demanding for employees. Throughout the day, it can often be difficult to work effectively to meet organizational expectations. However, providing your teams with powerful tools for automating certain tasks can be a very good solution. This makes it possible to move faster, delegate certain roles to artificial intelligence and concentrate attention on other, more important projects. The immediate consequence is the optimization of productivity in the company and, in turn, an increase in turnover. But, what are these AI tools that can help you in this mission? Read this article to discover some of them.

Zapier for writing reports

Zapier is a very useful IT tool for automating certain tasks in business. Uploaded since 2021 by Wade Foster, Bryan Helmig, Mike Knoop, it connects to more than 4000 applications today. You can learn more while reading this page. In business, Zapier allows you to integrate data from one web application to another and automate workflows. The tool can be very useful for automating certain everyday tasks such as:

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  • Scheduling appointments;
  • Data entry;
  • Email management;
  • Reporting, etc.

Using Zapier is very simple, and does not require computer knowledge. All you need to do is create your Workflows (Zap) and define triggers. This could be, for example, the receipt of an email, following which you must define specific actions that the tool should carry out. Zapier thus sends information between the various connected applications. For example, it can automatically integrate into your CRM a prospect who has completed a form on your website or your social networks.

The tool offers many advantages. It can free up valuable time for strategic tasks, reduce human errors and improve process accuracy. Thanks to Zapier, the performance of your teams can also be increased tenfold.

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Are you looking for an effective and simple solution to communicate without interruption with your teams? Slack can help you. The collaborative communication platform launched in 2013 indeed offers numerous possibilities. It works like an IRC chat organized into channels which each correspond to a discussion topic. By using this tool, you have the possibility to:

  • Centralize internal communication;
  • Create discussion groups and thematic channels;
  • Share files and information with your team members;
  • Make calls and hold video conferences.

You also have the option of integrating third-party applications to perform specific tasks. Slack is an excellent solution for streamlining communication and facilitating collaboration between teams. The tool promotes teamwork and rapid decision-making by allowing each member of the team to access information in real time.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams offered by the IT giant is also one of the AI tools to optimize business productivity. This collaboration application is in fact designed for real-time coordination of teams. It allows hybrid work to ensure the connection of various team members and guarantee the same level of information.

In business, Microsoft Teams can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether for real-time communication, file sharing, meetings, the tool offers everything you need to go faster. It also serves as a workspace through which participants can even store information for future tasks.