How to stay stylish while working from home?

With an increasing number of individuals working from home, the line between our work wardrobes and our everyday clothes has blurred. Despite the comfort of your home, you may find yourself yearning for a semblance of professionalism in your attire, to help maintain a work mindset throughout the day. Creating a stylish, yet comfortable, home office wardrobe can make the difference between feeling like you’re toiling away in your pyjamas versus feeling put-together and ready to conquer the day’s tasks. Now, you may wonder, "how do I strike a balance between comfort and style while working from home?" We’re here to help you navigate this new sartorial challenge.

Building Your Work-From-Home Wardrobe

Creating a work-from-home wardrobe doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice comfort. Instead, it’s about carefully selecting pieces that are both comfortable and professional. Here’s how to start building your stylish home office wardrobe.

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Aim to have a wide range of clothes, including comfortable pants, blouses, and dresses that you can rotate throughout the week. Always remember to shop for clothes that not only look good but are also suitable for a home environment. For example, instead of tight jeans, opt for stretchy, high-waisted pants that give you room to move around.

Also, invest in stylish tops, especially if you spend a lot of time on video calls. A fashionable blouse or button-down shirt can instantly elevate your look and project a professional image.

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Dressing For the Day

Working from home gives you the freedom to wear whatever you like. However, maintaining a level of professionalism in your outfit can affect how you feel and work throughout the day.

First thing in the morning, resist the urge to stay in your pyjamas all day. Instead, get dressed as if you were going to the office. You don’t need to wear a suit or anything overly formal, but putting on an outfit you love can give you a sense of normalcy and help you switch into work mode.

Try to stick with a routine. Decide what time you’ll get dressed each day and stick to it. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or after your morning coffee, consistently dressing for work can help set the tone for the rest of your day.

Stylish Yet Comfortable Choices

While working from home, comfort should be a priority, but that doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. There are plenty of clothes that perfectly blend comfort and fashion.

For instance, consider pairing a cosy, oversized sweater with a pair of chic, stretchy trousers. You could also try a loose-fitting dress with a pair of leggings for ultimate comfort. When it comes to footwear, opt for comfortable flats or loafers that can easily be slipped on and off throughout the day.

Remember, your outfit should make you feel good, not restrict you. So, choose clothes that allow ease of movement, especially if you’re likely to be sitting at your desk for extended periods.

Accessorizing Your Outfits

Accessories can play a significant role in elevating your style while working from home. Even though you might not be going out, adding a few accessories to your outfit can make you feel more put together.

For example, a beautiful necklace, earrings or a stylish watch can instantly add a touch of class to your outfit. Additionally, if you’re on a video call, these accessories can draw attention to your face and enhance your overall look.

The Power of Colour

Colour can have a significant impact on our mood and productivity. Therefore, incorporating colour into your work-from-home outfits can subtly influence how you feel throughout the day.

Consider choosing bright colours like red, orange, or yellow to boost your energy levels and stimulate creativity. If you want to feel relaxed, consider blues and greens. Lastly, if you want to exude class and sophistication, black and white are timeless choices.

In conclusion, staying stylish while working from home is achievable with a bit of thought and planning. By building a comfortable yet professional wardrobe, dressing for the day, and making smart style choices, you can feel confident and ready to tackle your daily tasks. Even in the comfort of your own home, you can still dress for success.

Establishing a Capsule Work-From-Home Wardrobe

Curating a capsule wardrobe for your home office lifestyle is a smart way of ensuring you look stylish while working remotely. A capsule wardrobe refers to a compact collection of timeless clothes that can be easily mixed and matched to create a variety of outfit ideas. This minimalist approach can save you time, money, and closet space, while ensuring you always look put together for your remote work.

Start by identifying your wardrobe essentials – the pieces you feel good in and that you reach for time and time again. These items will form the foundation of your capsule wardrobe. Comfortable yet stylish pants, versatile tops, and effortless dresses are items that can easily transition from your normal life to your work-from-home environment.

Next, focus on quality over quantity. Investing in high-quality pieces that are both durable and timeless will ensure your wardrobe stands the test of time. Moreover, when you feel confident in what you’re wearing, it can positively impact your productivity and mood.

Lastly, streamline your color palette. Sticking to a cohesive color scheme not only makes it easier to mix and match your outfits but also gives a more polished look, even if you’re just hopping from your bedroom to your home office.

Don’t forget to share your flawless work-from-home outfits on social media. You never know, your Instagram post might just inspire someone else who’s struggling with their own work-from-home style.

Personal Stylist Tips for Remote Work Outfits

Getting dressed for working from home can be a daunting task. The line between being too casual and too formal can often seem blurry. Here’s where a personal stylist can come in handy. However, if you can’t afford one, don’t worry! We’ve gathered some professional tips to help you navigate your work-from-home fashion.

Firstly, separate your work clothes from your loungewear. This not only prevents you from reaching for those comfy sweats every morning but also mentally prepares you for the workday ahead.

Secondly, always dress completely. While it can be tempting to only dress from the waist up for video calls, getting fully dressed can make you feel more prepared and confident.

Next, utilize accessories. A simple necklace or a pair of earrings can elevate your outfit and make you feel more polished. If you’re unsure about how to accessorize, use Instagram posts or Getty Images as inspiration for your next outfit.

Lastly, embrace flexibility. One of the benefits of working remotely is the ability to wear what makes you feel good, even if it’s a little unconventional for a traditional office. So, if you want to wear that brightly coloured blazer or those sparkly flats, go for it!


In essence, staying stylish while working from home is all about balance. It’s about marrying comfort with professionalism, casual with formal, and personal style with functionality. It’s about creating a work-from-home wardrobe that makes you feel confident, motivated, and ready to conquer your day.

By diligently curating a capsule wardrobe, instituting a daily dressing routine, incorporating comfort and style into your outfit choices, accessorizing appropriately, and playing with colours, you can ensure you always look your best.

Remember, your outfits are not just for the people on the other end of your video calls – they’re for you. Dress for the job you have, the mood you want, and the day you plan on having. After all, fashion is not just about the clothes you wear, it’s about how they make you feel. So make sure, when you’re working from home, you feel as good as you look.